The Right Sales Process Aligns Go-To-Market Efforts with the Strategy.

Sales Operations: A Foundation for Change

What makes Sales Operations so powerful in 2017? CRM, CPQ, CLM, and an increasingly vast array of embedded tools enable large reductions in SG&A, increased profitability and more time with qualified customers. And yet many mid-market B2Bs struggle to document their processes, much less overcome the many barriers to sustainable change.

Our Approach to the Modern Sales Organization

Implementing a new way to work is not a simple matter of telling the sales organization what it must do. Stakeholders must reach consensus on the interactions that generate end-to-end value. These discussions are vital to Sales Operations efficacy and are a prerequisite to sustainable improvement.

We start by looking through the viewpoint of each stakeholder on its interactions with Sales, using process maps as a means of orientation in a bigger picture.


What GTM efforts align with strategic vision? What decisions should be driven by real-time data?


What best practices will boost effectiveness? What can be automated?


Is there inconsistency in the customer experience? What processes are valued?

More than Efficiency and Effectiveness

The rate of organizational change is directly related to transparency and simplicity. To prepare for accelerated change, ALTAVI simplifies sales process around the achievement of strategic goals. Our work delivers immediate efficiency and effectiveness gains; we also create a more dynamic foundation: clear in its responsibilities but flexible in the way it will generate value. Efficiency and effectiveness is only the beginning; our consultation prepares you to implement new, visionary capabilities.
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Our Consultation Services

Sales Operations Overview

We quickly evaluate Sales and trace the path to sustainable improvement in profitability and competitiveness
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Our Actions

  • ‍Management Interviews
  • Sales Operations and Sales Rep Interviews
  • Cursory Process Review
  • Inter-Organizational Workflow Interviews
  • CRM Implementation and Configuration Review

Your Deliverables

  • Sales Process and Technology Gaps Report
  • Technical Recommendation(s) to Improve CRM
  • Recommendations to Improve Sales Rep, M+1, and Mgmt Usage
  • Process and Technology Roadmap

Sales Operations Deep Dive

Comprehensive evaluation of Sales Operations with detailed recommendations to elevate performance
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Our Actions

  • Management Interviews
  • Sales Operations and Sales Rep Interviews
  • Business Process Mapping and Analysis
  • Interorganizational Workflow Interview and Process Mapping
  • CRM | CLM | CPQ Implementation and Configuration Review (When Applicable)
  • Miscellaneous Technology Review (When Applicable)
  • Data Quality Evaluation
  • Strategy vs. Sales Operations & Technology Evaluation
  • Staff Champions and Roadblocks Evaluation
  • Reports and Dashboards Evaluation

Your Deliverables

  • ‍Overview of Business, Strategy, and Questionaire Results
  • As-Is and To-Be Process Maps
  • Strategy, Sales Process, and Technology Gaps
  • Recommended Silo Integration
  • Recommendations to Improve Sales Rep, M+1, and Mgmt Usage
  • Sales Operations Process Roadmap
  • CRM Roadmap
  • Recommended KPIs
  • Recommended Dashboards and Reports

Our Clients

“ALTAVI's experience with the buy-in process was critical to our rollout last year. In the time they took to understand our process, they won over our entire team. Always asking: 'How can we simplify?' or, 'maybe we should integrate these processes at different layers…' ALTAVI has delivered results that will add value, and keep building more value with time.”

Joey Calderon
National Sales Manager


We are:

Experienced Executives

who drove real, sustainable change in mid-market multinationals and now deliver ROI to sales and across the enterprise.

Sales Operations Consultants

who connect and consolidate client activities to drive success and a more satisfying customer experience.

IT Experts

who design, implement, and integrate solutions and systems that improve sales with tried and true practices.
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